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First, the basics. I make my bed in Geneva, New York with my daughter and two adorable golden retirevers. I love this town and this little community. But I am also a real sucker for shoots that take me to various parts of the Finger Lakes and beyond. 

As a child, I always loved taking photos. Whether it was using my grandparents old polaroid or using my old school Kodak Star (which by the way, I've since upgraded :), there was something very organic and natural of holding a camera in my hand. 

There's no question that photography sessions can be super exciting! But I've also learned through the years, as a photographer and also a family man that's been on the other side of the lens, that they can sometimes be overwhelming too. But they don't need to be! I would describe my shooting style as fun, patient, and laid-back. At the end of a session, I want to make sure that I incorporated real-life, authentic moments that are beautiful, intimate, emotional, and tell your story.  


So, let's get started together and let me help you tell your story.

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credit NSP Studio 

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